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    Quad M Solutions

    Multi-faceted solutions for the insurance and staffing industries
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    NuAxess provides innovative health plans targeting employers with 1 to 500 employees
  • Quad M Staffing

    Comprehensive employer-controlled HR and payroll service

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Welcome To Quad M Solutions

With roots dating back decades where our focus was the investment into the identification and extraction of precious metals, Quad M’s focus has broadened to include the investment into the lives of our country’s most precious asset – America’s workers.

As our team explores ways to satisfy the demands associated with a badly broken healthcare/human resource system, it became clear that disrupting the broken healthcare industry would generate substantial returns in equity while saving individuals and families currently being exploited by yesterday’s insurance companies.

Our new team of directors brings together decades of experience serving individuals, families, companies, entrepreneurs and investors. This coalescing of talents and focus has resulted in the refining of our mission to provide sustainable solutions to the health insurance and employee benefit challenges faced by millions of small to medium sized group employers and the millions of entrepreneur’s and independent contractors in the Gig Economy.

Disruption Through Innovation


Control healthcare spending

NuAxess believes healthcare should be simple. This is why we set out to change the way healthcare coverage should be delivered altogether – user-friendly consumer-driven health plans that are affordable and easy to manage.

We offer a quality healthcare solution that gives employers and their employees the freedom to choose any doctor and have the satisfaction of knowing their healthcare needs will be fulfilled.

Quad M Staffing

Employer controlled HR services

Quad M Staffing offers a comprehensive employer-controlled HR and payroll service, as well as workers compensation insurance, risk and compliance controls, COBRA, 401 K, reinsurance, health savings accounts, financial services, employee healthcare insurance support, and even employee and employer retirement benefit services.