Press Releases

Date Description
08/30/2019 NuAxess 2, Inc. Announces Vinay Mehindru, MD, MBA as Head of Strategic Management and Business Development
08/13/2019 Employers in the Exploding ‘Gig Economy’ Will Now Have Access to Affordable Health Insurance Plans Through New Joint Venture “PrimeAxess”
07/29/2019 Quad M Solutions targets entrepreneurs in exploding ‘Gig economy’ and shows them how to obtain quality and affordable health benefits
07/09/2019 Quad M Solutions Executes LOI To Acquire Meritra Health Group
06/05/2019 CEO of Mineral Mountain Mining and Milling Co. Shareholder Letter to Investors
04/03/2019 Mineral Mountain Mining & Milling Company Staffing Announcement
10/10/2018 Mineral Mountain Obtains a $5 Million Equity Line